Petra Wichmann
Sustainable communication


Acting responsibly.

Sustainability as a duty of communication.

DESIGN LIEBT NATUR sees sustainability as a central factor in giving companies a competitive edge. We incorporate the subject strategically and creatively. All measures that improve a solution ecologically and economically are taken into consideration. When drawing up concepts and designs, we scrutinise the tasks with which we are involved and assess whether things can be solved more easily or combined in an intelligent manner. For us, sustainable thinking and responsible production methods are indispensable. Where and how our products are produced is important to us, that is why, whenever sensible and possible, we prefer to use business partners from our region.

Intact circular economy.

Recycling is good, prevention is better.

Designers have to solve complex tasks with a sense of responsibility. As graphic designers, our aim is also to conceptualise and design products that provide long-term benefits, are less harmful and yet do not involve making sacrifices. Nature shows us how it is done; it functions on the principle of a cycle in which no waste is generated. Instead, all materials returns completely back into the cycle as nutrients. As a result, resources are preserved and can be used again. The ‘cradle to cradle’ production method is based on this model: when a product reaches the end of its life cycle, it is always returned in full to the biological or technical cycle. In the printing industry, too, there are already solutions that meet this criterion.

Intelligent foresight.

Inspired by nature.

DESIGN LIEBT NATUR also looks at areas that are supposedly outside its specialist field and likes to enter new territory. For us, integral graphic design also means incorporating knowledge from other sources in a useful way. The theory of the five elements – a feature of classic Feng Shui – inspires us to integrate our nature-loving philosophy into our designs. In doing so, the focus for us as graphic designers is on colour, form, auspicious measurements and the free flowing of energy. Accordingly, the ancient Chinese knowledge of harmony based on nature is a creative, intuitive philosophy and a holistically oriented system that puts people back in touch with the environment and brings them in harmony with nature.