Petra Wichmann
Sustainable communication


Social challenge.

New questions require new answers.

In the future, the quality of design got to be measured more from how credible the congruence is with the actual brand and corporate identity. Social values like ecology, health and the achievement of social aims are becoming increasingly more important. Ever more people are looking for jobs that are in tune with their values and fit in sensibly with their life style. DESIGN LIEBT NATUR is prepared for these needs, because we have expanded our field of activity by adopting holistic perspectives. Our work is based on vivid, sensitive creativity, attention for changing values and the use of responsible production techniques.

Mutual aims.

Work as an expression of inner conviction.

We work for a wide range of clients and feel a special bond with companies that share our values and aims. We do a great deal to ensure that sustainable concepts are also carried over to conventional assignments and individual, viable aims are achieved. That’s because every step in the right direction counts and is an inspiration to do more. Sustainability is not an end in itself, but solely serve to optimally accomplish the individual task in the context of local conditions and available resources.

Credible promise.

Design with a high identification value.

With a great deal of experience, plenty of passion and a high degree of sensitivity, we create design with which our clients can completely identify. It is authentic design that reflects the personality, values and vision of the company both inwardly and outwardly. It is credible design that makes brands desirable and creates long-standing loyal customers. We use it to provide an existential building block for the healthy, successful development of a company or brand.