Petra Wichmann
Sustainable communication


Living our business philosophy.

Can graphic design make you happy?

We love what we do. We identify with our customers through sensitivity and empathy. We put our heart and soul into every project. The joy of creating, the desire to discover new things, and loving attention to details are all reflected in our work. That’s because all of these things make our customers and not least us happy.

Harmonious collaboration.

Good work is based on good cooperation.

The relationships with our clients, network partners, and service providers are based on mutual appreciation. DESIGN LIEBT NATUR regards respectful, fair, open and honest interaction with one another to be fundamental. That is why we make absolutely sure from the very beginning that everything is in harmony on a human level. We believe that passionate teamwork creates real trust and is rewarded with loyalty.

Long-term customer benefits.

Creativity paired with continuity.

We believe in ideas that work for the longer term and continuously make our customers successful. We keep our keen eyes open to changes happening in the world. This helps to find new solutions for our customers and our company. Continuity shapes our work: ever reliable and committed, high quality and cost-conscious at all times and always on schedule.