Petra Wichmann
Sustainable communication


Corporate identity and brand development.

Identify the personality of a company.

The corporate identity is an expression of the personality of a company or brand. It gives form and shape, yet it doesn’t create any content. That is why our work begins with an identification process which involves precise analysis of the company or brand from a strategic and conceptual perspective. What values and visions are represented? Where do the strengths lie and what are the differences in relation to competitors? Which target groups would be addressed? DESIGN LIEBT NATUR will provide the support to clearly position your company, your existing brand or your new brand.

Corporate design and image creation.

Make unique values authentically visible.

In the next step we develop the corporate design. We create a striking logo, establish the colour scheme and define the design grid, corporate font and, where applicable, visual world. These constant elements form the image and can be found in all mediums of communication. Everything is clearly documented in a corporate design manual.

Graphic design and communication.

Successfully establishing a brand.

By implementing the design guidelines in a consistent manner, the company will acquire a distinctive identity and the value of the brand will increase. DESIGN LIEBT NATUR creates all print, online and 3D communication tools with a high degree of competence. Whether an image brochure, website or trade fair appearance – everything is clearly identifiable as part of an overall, cross-media solution.